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Custom-Designed Wood Decks in Millstone, NJ

When you are looking to build a new deck on your home, trust Yannuzzi and Sons Custom Deck Builders, LLC. to take care of the work. We offer to design and build custom wood decks in Millstone, NJ, providing you with a beautiful and unique extension to your home. Our team will work closely with you to determine the look and style of the deck you are looking to build.

Once the design is complete, our construction contractors will take care of installing the new deck onto your property. We will ensure that the deck meets all local building regulations and take care of any cleanup once the project is complete. Contact us to learn more about our deck design and construction services or to discuss the style of deck you want to build for your home.

Providing Quality Craftsmanship

Whether we are building a full new deck or adding on new deck coverings, our team consistently delivers top-quality craftsmanship. We want to ensure that your deck not only looks amazing on your property but that it will last for many years. So when you want to build a new deck on your home, trust our skilled and experienced team to handle the work.

Providing Beautiful Custom Deck Construction in Millstone, NJ

Give your home a functional and attractive addition while creating a comfortable space to sit outside by relying on Yannuzzi and Sons Custom Deck Builders, LLC. We offer a range of services for deck construction in Millstone, NJ, handling everything from the initial designs to the finishing touches. Our team has experience working with various deck materials, including wood, vinyl, and composites. This experience allows us to design custom decks that will look amazing on your home while providing the perfect space to host family BBQs and summer parties. Contact us today to learn more about the deckbuilding services we have to offer or to discuss outdoor deck design ideas with our team.

Installing Custom Patios

In addition to working on decks, our team also has extensive experience with designing and building unique patios for your home. With a patio, you can have a flat area to host summer cookouts while enjoying the sun from the comfort of your backyard. When handling patio construction, our team will ensure the area is completely leveled so that your patio pavers or stones lay smooth and look amazing on your property. When you combine a patio and deck together, you will have the perfect outdoor space.

As experienced construction contractors, we understand what your property needs to make it a great place to hold garden parties and neighborhood barbeques. Protect your event when you talk to us about custom-built deck coverings. Whether planning for a gazebo, pergola, or other backyard structure, it needs to be installed by professionals. The style and size of your deck coverings should also complement your home. Some house designs call for beautiful pavers accented by a stunning pergola. Other house exteriors require multi-level composite decking with a gazebo that invites lounging in the heat of the afternoon. No matter what your style, we have the material and the skill to provide the perfect backyard oasis.

Nothing can replace experience, and our construction contractors have spent years perfecting their art. It takes a practiced eye to know what plans work best with a wide range of residential homes and varying landscaping requirements. Don’t take a chance on uneven patio stones or an unstable gazebo. Talk to the staff at Yannuzzi and Sons Custom Deck Builders, LLC about the most suitable design for your property. We have the knowledge and project ideas you need to turn your backyard into a personalized retreat.