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Custom-Designed Wood Decks in Millstone, NJ

When you are looking to build a new deck on your home, trust Yannuzzi and Sons Custom Deck Builders, LLC. to take care of the work. We offer to design and build custom wood decks in Millstone, NJ, providing you with a beautiful and unique extension to your home. Our team will work closely with you to determine the look and style of the deck you are looking to build.

Once the design is complete, our construction contractors will take care of installing the new deck onto your property. We will ensure that the deck meets all local building regulations and take care of any cleanup once the project is complete. Contact us to learn more about our deck design and construction services or to discuss the style of deck you want to build for your home.

Providing Quality Craftsmanship

Whether we are building a full new deck or adding on new deck coverings, our team consistently delivers top-quality craftsmanship. We want to ensure that your deck not only looks amazing on your property but that it will last for many years. So when you want to build a new deck on your home, trust our skilled and experienced team to handle the work.

Request an Estimate from Our Construction Contractors in Millstone, NJ

For over 28 years, our construction contractors in Millstone, NJ, have proudly served local homeowners by helping them realize their visions of total outdoor comfort. From custom gazebos to outdoor decks, we strive to build our clients’ home addition with quality and pride in mind. As contractors of choice, local clients know they can always call on us for beautiful designs, honest estimates, and quality builds.

We consider it our duty to make things easier for you -- especially when it comes to any home remodeling efforts. Our team specializes in building custom outdoor features made according to your unique specifications. While choosing the right deck for your space can be difficult, with our team at your side, the decision becomes much easier. Let us design and install a beautiful custom deck or gazebo that’s as attractive as it is functional.

Request an estimate today, and one of our dedicated representatives will come right to your home. Fill out the form below with your contact information. You will receive a confirmation after submitting the form, after which point, we will get back to you as soon as possible. Rest assured that you’ll find no better craftsmanship when it comes to custom outdoor features than the team at Yannuzzi and Sons Custom Deck Builders LLC.