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Custom-Designed Wood Decks in Millstone, NJ

When you are looking to build a new deck on your home, trust Yannuzzi and Sons Custom Deck Builders, LLC. to take care of the work. We offer to design and build custom wood decks in Millstone, NJ, providing you with a beautiful and unique extension to your home. Our team will work closely with you to determine the look and style of the deck you are looking to build.

Once the design is complete, our construction contractors will take care of installing the new deck onto your property. We will ensure that the deck meets all local building regulations and take care of any cleanup once the project is complete. Contact us to learn more about our deck design and construction services or to discuss the style of deck you want to build for your home.

Providing Quality Craftsmanship

Whether we are building a full new deck or adding on new deck coverings, our team consistently delivers top-quality craftsmanship. We want to ensure that your deck not only looks amazing on your property but that it will last for many years. So when you want to build a new deck on your home, trust our skilled and experienced team to handle the work.

Quality Deck Installation in Millstone, NJ

The proper gapping of the floorboards is very important, and keeping it correct and straight makes the floor look great, as you will see.

Uniform height and spacing in the railing takes time during our custom deck installation near Millstone, NJ. These are not kits, and the balusters below are custom made in our shop.

Committed to Bringing Your Ideas to Life

Here at Yannuzzi and Sons Custom Deck Builders, LLC, we are committed to delivering satisfactory results and meeting your needs. You can expect us to go above and beyond to make your dream outdoor space a reality. Backed by more than 28 years of residential deck construction experience, you can count on us to provide you with the highest quality outcome, ensuring you can enjoy relaxing evenings under the stars or fun-filled barbecues with friends and family.

Our decks are built using the best materials available, which means you can rest assured that yours will last for years to come. With our knowledge and expertise, we are equipped to help you create the ideal backyard living space. Place your trust in our team, and we’ll help you accomplish your most ambitious goals.

Experienced & Professional

When you need construction contractors who specialize in deck building and installation, look no further than Yannuzzi and Sons Custom Deck Builders, LLC. Our professional crew is experienced and trained to meet your specific needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about our services or if you’d like to schedule an estimate. We strive to maintain a reputation as a reliable and qualified deck building company.

Wood Decks

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Deck with Deck Coverings - Millstone, NJ

White Railing after Deck Installation - Millstone, NJ


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