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Quality Deck Installation in Millstone, NJ 

The proper   gapping in the floor boards is very important and keeping it correct and straight makes the floor look great as you will see


Completed Deck Installation - Millstone, NJ

Uniform height and spacing in the railing takes time during our custom deck installation near Millstone, NJ. These are not kits, and the balusters below are custom made in our shop.




Completed Gazeebo Construction - Millstone, NJ


Multicolor composite railing design: the quality speaks for itself.







This is another one of our own custom designs with gray Trex & white vinyl accent spindles and corner covers 



Furniture on the decks such as benches and planters adds a nice touch with some custom cutting 


Check out the matching bench legs with trims like the railing posts, detail means everything 




How about the custom finish work on this gazebo construction, complete with overhangs and finished ceiling--very nice!




A color change in the galley rail verse the color of  the guard railing around the deck is a real eye catcher 




Custom built arbor over the hot tub with corner frets






 Relax in privacy with this custom made board on board surround





                 Or maybe a custom solid enclosure for more privacy



Hot Tub with Privacy Walls - Millstone, NJ


Or even  multi   -colored  privacy walls with a matching  planter 




Maybe a custom floor pattern to enhance the look


 Deck covering's  above and under the deck with Column work that don't hang over the edges! 
       we can design our columns to sit under the support header for of a more custom look    



Check out the multi colors here, we incorporated the color of the home with the ceiling beam


Deck with Deck Coverings - Millstone, NJ



White Railing after Deck Installation - Millstone, NJ



                Here we show rain drainage that keeps the area nice and dry,  along with some quality Column & Trim work makes the deck looks fantastic top to bottom               







Building the way the world was created


Pride and  Quality

in mind


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